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The SAPUVET journal is a official publication of the "SAPUVETNET III: contributing to achieving the objectives of the millenium through the concept One Health". This project´s main objective is to develop the superior education of the veterenary public health (VPH) through the cooperation between Europe (EU) and Latin America (LA), upgrading each University curriculum and creating synergies between several other professions important to Public Health.(SP). The Journal publishes original research articles, short articles and short communications. Also researchers and students, even if not members of our project, may publish their review articles and/or testing articles. The articles published by SAPUVET Journal intend to disseminate the results of research studies in several fields such as the epidemiology of transmissible diseases with major importance in PH, food safety, animal welfare, anti-microbial resistance, interdisciplinary work projects on “One Health”, risk analysis and other themes, which allow to strength the role of PH. This Journal will publish articles in the following languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Manuscripts and correspondence: send through mail to the editor or co-editor of the SAPUVET journal.
Claudia Mutis
E-mail: cmutis@lasalle.edu.co
Natalia Cediel
E-mail: swasanata@gmail.com

Preparing the manuscript: you can find instructions on the section “INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS” down on this page.

Subscription:SAPUVET Journal will be publish every six months in July and December and will be available in a printed version in every collaborator country. Also a pdf file will be available in our website.

Reproduction and printing: authorizes the copying of articles for use or academic internal institutions, citing the source. For printed copies of the magazine to direct the request to: cmutis@lasalle.edu.co



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