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Conference resume "Antimicrobianos"

Conference resume "The new Public Health Veterinary"

Conference resume "Preparing World Rabies Day"

Conference resume "Antimicrobials"/2010 (download .Pdf)

Third Eletronic conference: “Prudent use of antimicrobials in animals: solution or utopia?”

The third electronic conference “Prudent use of antimicrobials in animals: solution or utopia?" occurred between September 25th and 28th ,2010 and was promoted by the SAPUVETNET III project “Contributing to the Millennium Development Goals through the One Health Concept”. The initiative counted with 86 participants from 14 different countries including: Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands and Italy, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Peru, Brazil and Cuba.


Conference resume "The new Public Health Veterinary"/2009 (download .Pdf)

“The new Public Health Veterinary; strategies and interaction”

Should units taught by medical doctors and veterinarians be introduced in the Public Health curricula of both courses (Human and Veterinary Medicine), in order to achieve a different perspective on common issues? If yes, in what issues?
Would it be beneficial if undergraduate students of both Human and Veterinary Medicine could share common activities? How can this goal be successfully achieved?


Electronic Conference resume: “Preparing World Rabies Day”/2009 (download .Pdf)

Between June 1st and 7th of 2009 took place the Electronic Conference “Preparing World Rabies Day”. SAPUVETNET III project intended to contribute to an extended debate about the several aspects of this important zoonose’s combat, which is a serious problem in many countries of Africa and Latin America and which is considered a neglected disease by the World Health Organization (WHO). It have attended to the conference 132 participants of several European and Latin America countries and from the United States of America (USA), including Portugal, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, England, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Brazil and Massachusetts (USA).



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