Project brief




Project title: “SAPUVETNET II: ”New approaches to Veterinary Public Health (the way forward)” - n. II-0438-A


Funding:  (co-financing) European Union, EU ALFA programme -  Sub-programme A - Cooperation for institutional management - curriculum development & teaching management


Total budget: Euro 122,450; contribution European Union: Euro 91,825


Project duration: 24 months; from March, 2005 to March, 2007 (contract n. AML/B-7-311/97/0666/II-0438-A, registered on 09-03-2005)


Co-ordinator: Dr Daniele De Meneghi, Dept. Animal Production, Epidemiology and Ecology (DPAEE), Fac. Veterinary Medicine, Grugliasco-Turin (Italy) 


    Participant  institutions:



  1. Strengthening the network established during the first SAPUVET project  (ref. project SAPUVET with the participation of 6 Faculties of Veterinary Medicine from Latino America and 4 from Europe, in the field of Veterinary Public Health (VPH);
  2. Development and harmonization of curricula in Veterinary Public Health/Animal production;
  3. Validation and further dissemination of teaching Modules on selected VPH issues, developed during SAPUVET;
  4. Testing and diffusion of novel teaching methods in VPH (distance learning, case studies on line, etc.), and preparation of a Manual on Veterinary Public Health;
  5. Organisation of an International e-conference  on " Veterinary Public Health and Animal production in 21st century;


    Activities (performed and on-going):


i)                    SAPUVETNET II web page and mailing-list (design, preparation and up-dating)

ii)                   First co-ordination SAPUVETNET II meeting (at Fac. Veterinary Medicine, Zaragoza, 22-26 June 2005).


C.ORTEGA L.C. VILLAMIL, N.CEDIEL , C. ROSENFELD, D.DE MENEGHI, M.DE ROSA, L.ESTOL, G.LEGUIA, A.FONSECA-POVEDA, M.TORRES, M.CABALLERO-CASTILLO, K.DE BALOGH (2005) Las redes SAPUVET y SPVet: un modelo de integración en materia de Salud Pública Veterinaria entre Europa e América Latina. Revista Panamericana de Salud Publica / Pan American Journal of Public Health, 17: 60-65




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