SAPUVETNET II e-conference

From 28th February to March 2nd 2007 the SAPUVETNET II project along with other collaborating institutes in Latin America and in Europe hosted an electronic conference on emerging topics in Veterinary Public Health (VPH) for the 21st century.

The main topic of the conference was: ”Local practices of animal production and health with special reference to the use of veterinary drugs and development of resistance to antibiotics: implications for Veterinary Public Health”. 

In order to stimulate discussion, the following major sub-topics were identified:

Over 40 professionals and students took part in the conference. Participants from different countries and continents (Canada, Latin America, Africa and Europe) shared their experiences at the e-conference, voicing their points of view, making comments and presenting talks, which all made the conference a great success.

Contributions from participants were presented and discussed in a forum which was moderated by a Moderating Group.


Reference material and documentation from the electronic conference can be found at this webpage ( or below by clicking on the respective links below: 

Instructions for taking part in the e-conference 
Opening greeting (by the project coordinator) 

Results, inputs and conclusions (by the moderating group)

Acknowledgements and closing remarks (by the project coordinator)

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